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Use LinkedIn to Effectively Implement Employment Strategy

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The case for including social media in the small business Internet marketing portfolio is steadily increasing.

There is strong evidence that social signals now influence search rankings on most major search engines.

Social media Marketing is often used as an “assist” as consumers determine the legitimacy and reputation of a business during the purchasing process.

Improved branding has both human and search engine benefits.

Customer retention is often enhanced by a strong and responsive social media presence.

Word-of-mouth referrals regularly happen on social media, driving traffic to the website.

Search engines are now incorporating social signals. Consumers research social media during purchasing decisions and use it as a customer service channel. And both branding and link-baiting benefit from strong social media management.

Expectations for social media are too high. This is understandable, given the viral spread of bullied bus matrons and delivery guys saving falling babies.

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RapidUse LinkedIn to Effectively Implement Employment Strategy

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