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Social Media Marketing bad for business?

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Social-Media-Marketing-300x200I think Social Media Marketing is perhaps one of the best mediums currently available for marketing.

Poor Digital Marketing is worthless for any business.  On article site the same article was tweeted thousand times and share on social media site thousand above times, and many times same sympathetic comments from readers.

Why use Social Media for Business Marketing?

Social Media is the largest single media vehicle today with over billion users. Add to this the uniqueness of the social media that allows users to communicate with you and amongst themselves and you have the desire media that every professional salivates over. Reach that cannot be duplicated and interaction that no other media provides in as much strength.

Who should use Social Media for business marketing?

Social Media is not for everyone contrary to what the promoters in Social Media keep saying. It is the greatest media if you are in a business that sells directly to consumers. It’s not value the while if you’re in a business that sells to other businesses.

When should you use Social Media for business marketing?

Reach out to sell more products straight to consumers. You could be an ecommerce site or you could be a high street store. Social Media is a great medium to sell directly.

Make brand attention for your brand. If your product or brand needs an attention push, Social Media is a far better and definitely more cost effective medium to use to improve the attention than TV.

How to use Social Media for business marketing?

How you use Social Media for promotion is depend on what your marketing purpose. Like everything else in this world- there are no free meals.  And if it’s free- get a taster to taste the meal first.

Social Media is at heart an interactive medium that offers provides reach of over billion people. As said before, every medium needs to be used utilizing what the medium has to offer.

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RapidSocial Media Marketing bad for business?

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