Cocitation – The Next Big Thing in SEO

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Each year SEO experts profess that SEO, as we knew it, is dead. They describe how the old tactics don’t work and introduce new concepts formed from the latest Google algorithm update.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Yes, links still matter a great deal for achieving rankings. But some other concepts that may seem outdated are reviving.

Google has experimented with a list of algorithm changes. Over the past couple of years, these changes have of course directly affected the way SEO works. If we talk about more precise terms, we see that keywords, back-links and anchor text are some of the terms that have been very dominant, powerful and effective in the search engine optimization world. However, with constant changes in the Google’s algorithm and ranking system, these weighting of these factors has changed drastically over time.

What is Co-Citation?

As strange as it may sound, co-citation refers to the process of link building without actual links. Unlike anchor text, where actual links were embedded in words or phrases, co-citation does not necessarily have to involve actual outgoing links to your website or blog.

More precisely, the process of co-citation refers to the similarities found between two webpages, based on a third-party webpage that successfully mentions the first two webpages in a correlation with each other. Based on that co-citation, Google identifies a relation – or link – between those two websites, which is then used as an important search engine-ranking factor.

Google is trying to focus on delivering better results, especially for conversational searches with long-tail keywords. In order to achieve this, Google will likely come up with more strong updates.

Keep your website ready to combat the latest update by using the above tips for co-citation and co-occurrence. These advanced link strategies will develop a natural link profile and increase your visibility on search engine results.

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RapidCocitation – The Next Big Thing in SEO
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What not at all Changes in Search Engine Optimization

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Over the last few years, Look for Search Engine Marketing (SEO) has gone through some extreme changes with individuals struggling in anxiety as they saw their positions fall on Look for search engines. But it’s really not that bad over all.

While there are individuals who had their sites lose their positions on Look for search engines, some internet promoters did not and the awesome thing is that their sites actually shifted up the google. So, what gives? Well, the internet marketer that surfed on Google changes rather than perished in them recognized something that other internet promoters did not. They recognized the fundamentals. And what are these fundamentals in SEO? Read below to know.

RapidWhat not at all Changes in Search Engine Optimization
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Before You Choose a SEO Company India Focus on Things Associated with Google Search That You Must Know

Nowadays with the proliferation of knowledge based jobs SEO or search engine optimization has become an important component of any organization that is looking to delve into this domain. India is one of the leading destinations especially when it comes to outsourcing SEO services. Before you choose a SEO company in India, you must examine things that would help you to understand how the basics of search work and what major search engines are aiming at. This article will help you understand the growing importance of authenticity in optimizing websites and choosing the right service provider whether in India or anywhere else.

RapidBefore You Choose a SEO Company India Focus on Things Associated with Google Search That You Must Know
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Assured SEO Solutions for Efficient Marketing Results

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Have you ever measured for hiring SEO experts to search out high amount of online exposure for your company? If not, then have a look at those SEO companies which offer search engine optimization services to help your website visible in best search results of all major search engines for a exacting keyword search. Most of the companies claim to offer assured SEO services but it is not forever found out to be right. For that reason one should check the reliability of the SEO Company before opting for its SEO services.

RapidAssured SEO Solutions for Efficient Marketing Results
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Link Buildings are still an extremely important part of SEO.


At one point Link Submission was SEO. Get your site detailed on plenty of other websites, regardless of whether they were appropriate to what you provide or not, and appreciate seeing a increase in your position in the search engines. After the Google Penguin upgrade, many websites took a hit and it remaining some people saying that “link submission is not working”. However, that declaration is incorrect. What is actually deceased is the old backlink submission technique. Hyperlinks are still an extremely important part of SEO.

RapidLink Buildings are still an extremely important part of SEO.
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Great 10 Tips way to Get More Traffic for your website

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If you don’t have the budget to create content and build backlinks better than your competitors, you will not outrank them. If you’re a new entry in a crowded niche, it will be a long time, if ever, before you achieve any meaningful SERPs.

Here are the 10 best Tips ways to generate website traffic


1. Blog Commenting
2. Content Aggregators
3. Forum Commenting
4. Google+
5. Guest Blogging
6. Q&A
7. Reddit
8. Social Media
9. YouTube
10. Email Marketing

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RapidGreat 10 Tips way to Get More Traffic for your website
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Explore The Benefits Of Hiring A SEO Company Chicago Il

Our Result oriented “SEO Services” and “Experienced SEO Staff” is possibly something you are searching for!!!

SEO or Search engine optimization is basically a tactic to promote your website and get top visibility in different search engines. The ultimate aim of SEO is to increase traffic to your website which in turn means to get more business. Hiring a good SEO company can give you satisfactory results.

RapidExplore The Benefits Of Hiring A SEO Company Chicago Il
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outsourcing search engine marketing solutions from india

seo service

In today’s time each business regardless of obtaining on the web or offline organization demands an internet site for much better contact and to attach its focus on clients. Search engine optimization products and services are a necessity for each business to generate targeted traffic and qualified prospects on their Web-sites. Search engine marketing companies want experience, knowledge, and command around language and specialized strategies. Additionally, it demands a handsome volume to create this service in-household so almost all of the companies just outsource Search engine optimization. As far as cost efficient and good quality Search engine marketing outsourcing is anxious India is emerged being a no. 1 outsourcing SEO expert services vacation spot in the world.

Rapidoutsourcing search engine marketing solutions from india
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Seeking Best Seo Company Ahmedabad To Increase Website Sales Revenues

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seo service india

seo service india

Every business gets began with the individual objective of increasing earnings through improved sales and earnings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the remedy which is the most beneficial internet marketing strategy. But, how can you make your website enhanced for search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing? Choosing a SEO Firm, particularly an Indian SEO Firm can help you to accomplish your purpose.

Website owners who are interested about making their websites search engine friendly must be inquisitive to know the key benefits of an Ahmedabad SEO company.

RapidSeeking Best Seo Company Ahmedabad To Increase Website Sales Revenues
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